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Beyond WRA

White River Academy is a treatment facility for young men under the age of 18 years old. Our facility helps combat a wide variety of addictions that prey on teenagers. Although White River is a great place for these children, we often see teenagers who approach the age of 18 and still require additional assistance on their road to recovery and integration back into society. White River has purchased another program by the name of Mountain Valley Recovery to assist in helping those young men.

Our mission is to provide long-term recovery to individuals whose lives are afflicted by addiction such as drugs and alcohol.

Mountain Valley Recovery (MRV) is located in Holden, Utah, and they specialize in assisting adults who struggle with a lot of the same addictions that we see at White River. Mountain Valley Recovery states, “ Our mission is to provide long-term recovery to individuals whose lives are afflicted by addiction such as drugs and alcohol. By offering the in evidence-based clinical care, combined with real-life success stories and professionally licensed knowledge, one will awaken with a new self-worth and confidence.” MRV uses equine-assisted activities to help create an atmosphere of trust and companionship. Many individuals who struggle with addictions isolate themselves and develop habits that distance themselves from others who care for them. Equine-assisted therapy is a great way to help heal scars that have haunted these individuals for years.

MVR also uses recreational therapy. Recreational Therapy is a systematic approach to improving physical, social, cognitive, and emotional well-being in the process of becoming free from substance abuse addiction. Part of attaining lifelong recovery is learning to view sobriety as a blessing meant to be enjoyed. The big book of Alcoholics Anonymous calls this a daily reprieve based on spiritual maintenance. This can be viewed as dull or daunting to most people struggling. To reprogram the mind and find joy in daily living we engage in uplifting and motivating activities. The Utah wilderness has plenty to offer and awaits our sojourn.

Together we hope to positively influence the lives of these young men who have been stripped of their agency by addiction and dependencies. We aim to glorify the family unit and give brothers, sisters, friends, fathers, mothers, their loved ones back. For more information, visit White River Academy and Mountain Valley Recovery!

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