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Our Approach to Learning

Accredited by AdvancED, White River Academy provides a rigorous curriculum aligned with the U.S. Common Core and Utah Core standards.  Our course options are designed to both support the therapeutic program and to allow students to recover missing credits without bypassing the skills and knowledge necessary for college. 

We operate on a six term, year-long schedule, which allows a student to earn one and a half year’s worth of credit when working at standard pace.  However, a student who is doing well in the program and handling his current academic load may accelerate his academic pace by requesting additional classes as well as earning up to four academic credits by working the therapeutic program.  Students may graduate high school through WRA with a Utah diploma. However, because we are an accredited institution, credits generally transfer easily if parents plan to have their student graduate at home.


We believe that all students can and will learn provided the right conditions.  We know that real success achieved through hard work is a student’s greatest motivator.  We also recognize that when a student resists learning, it is usually out of fear, not laziness.  Because of this, we structure student success through careful scaffolding of learning and limiting ways to avoid participation. 


Standards are rigorous but students perform well over time because our program is designed to push students towards independence, not only in academics, but in life. 


Creating effective adults is what we are all about.

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