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Stoney River


We understand that sending a son to White River is a large change for the child and the family. Below is a detailed description of the admissions process to inform parents or guardians on what their son will experience at White River.

White River is a residential treatment center for adolescent boys ages 12-18. When a client enrolls at White River, he is provided a structured environment, customized life skills program and experiential treatment methods to help guide him into a happier and healthier lifestyle.

A residential treatment center differs from a traditional residential treatment center as it has skilled professionals who help troubled teens overcome their behavioral and learning issues. Clients learn to develop the strengths and competencies necessary to excel in the world as adults.


White River's focus goes beyond providing college prep and specialized extracurricular activities. It's focus is to provide a boy with the help needed to overcome any mental health issues or addictions he may be dealing with. At White River, the admissions process is easy. We also offer rolling admissions, meaning the child can enroll at any time of the year.

The admissions process begins the instant a parent or guardian contacts us. Our admissions team will begin the process by asking questions to better understand and assess the situation.


Questions may include:

The Admissions Process

  • The boy’s age

  • IQ Assessments

  • Psychological Testing

  • The boy’s history of behavioral issues and any previous treatment

  • The most recent incident

  • The desired outcome for treatment

Once the decision to admit is made, the parent or guardian needs to fill out the admissions form; which our clinical staff will then review to ensure a proper fit. Once the clinical team approves the application the parents will be contacted.


You can learn more information on the admissions process by clicking HERE.

Getting to White River

Families can choose to travel with their son to the facility in Delta, Utah, or use the help of transportation professionals, who bring their son to the center. A transportation service can ensure safety with children who exhibit defiance, disrespect, suicidal ideation as well as tendencies to run away.


Professional transportation services, usually performed by retired police officers or professionals with similar backgrounds, will ensure the child is safe for the duration of the trip. Our Admissions team will also provide advice on the safest way to get to us, as the nearest airport is Salt Lake City International Airport.

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The Orientation Process

The orientation process begins when the child arrives onsite and is introduced to the staff along with other clients. The child will learn the rules, guidelines and what is expected of him. A new client is assigned two senior young men, in good standing with the program, who will assist with the transition into a new lifestyle.

During the first week, a new client will meet with our licensed clinical professional for assessment to create the boys individual treatment plan. While an individualized learing program will be developed from the new past history, he will begin with courses on personal development and life skills.

Parents can choose to accompany their son, meet the staff and tour the grounds. The parents can stay for a brief period then must say goodbye as the child begins orientation. The parent liaison will contact the parents within 48 hours of the new clients arrival to go over the parent orientation packet and address any concerns parents may still have.

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The Program Begins

Parents can expect their son to be in our program for at least a full year. This period of time is necessary to help the young man learn constructive life skills.  Parents or guardians will be able to send their son letters and emails as often as they want. Parents generally call their child weekly and a parent liaison will keep them regularly informed of their son’s progress as well.

Parents will also receive contact from their son’s therapist twice per month to follow the therapeutic progress. The secure online portal designed for admissions allows parents to view their son’s progress, son’s emails and other program content.

Despite the lack of a parent’s or guardian’s presence onsite, parents play an integral part of our treatment model. We host a parent seminar weekend every quarter that parents are encouraged to attend. Parents also receive materials to help welcome their son home after treatment.


Once the student approaches completion of the program, the treatment team outlines the best ways for transition into home-life with strength and purpose. We want him to be successful both at White River and at home.

If you have more questions about  admissions or our program, please call us at  1-888-864-0065 

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