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Parent Weekend

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What is Parent Weekend?

Parent Weekends are a valuable time for parents, students, and family members to reconnect, gain skills that will help the entire family navigate stages of change, and to develop strategies to integrate your son back into family and community life in a successful manner.

When Are Parent Weekends?

To get a current list of dates please work with your parent liaison or you can contact our admissions team.


Traditionally Parent Weekends are held every January, April, July, and October. Parent Weekend kicks off on Thursday evening with a Mix & Mingle. The Mix & Mingle is an opportunity to meet other families that have a son enrolled at White River academy and to establish a support network among those facing similar challenges.

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Welcome to Parent Weekend!


A warm welcome will be extended as you join us for ground rules, an orientation session, and seminars Friday morning. Your son will join you for lunch and some fun filled activities in the afternoon. Additional seminars are held on Saturday that are designed to assist you in navigating the White River Academy therapeutic process.

Each family will also have a face to face family therapy session and the option of meeting with the academic team that works with your son on a daily basis. Graduation ceremonies for students completing the White River Academy program, graduating from High School, or both are held Saturday afternoon. Parent Weekend winds down on Sunday with Sunday being a quiet day for you and your son to play games, attend church, or to simply relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Parent Weekends can be an emotionally charged time for students and parents alike and can reveal exactly where things stand in the therapeutic process. Our team is skilled in identifying and managing the emotions that follow these events. We look forward to working with your family and assisting you and your son on the path to lasting healing and recovery.

Parent Weekend

If you have any questions about enrollment, admissions or our program, please call us at (888) 864-0065

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