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Help For Parents



Parenting is full of difficult decisions, and there is no decision as hard as sending your child away, no matter how desperately he may need the help. It’s a decision that can traumatize the parents and the student.

Worse, this decision tends to come after a long and difficult time in your family’s life. You have likely been concerned about your son’s behavior, health and associations for months leading up to this decision. Promises have likely been made and broken. Opportunities may have been scorned. You’ve probably questioned and second-guessed everything you’ve ever done as a parent to the point of exhaustion.


White River Academy understands that sending a child away to school is a difficult. Which is why we’ve created this help section to make it easier for you to determine if we are the right choice for your son’s future. In this section, you’ll find information that will educate you about your son’s behavior and resources that can aid your search for solutions.


Our school is a residential treatment center for adolescent males between the ages of 12 and 17 with behavioral problems. We combine activities that build positive experiences, community service and individually-tailored learning along with our therapeutic programs. Our treatment utilizes a blend of positive peer culture treatment modality, cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy to foster personal growth and help boys become the men they are meant to be.