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White River is a residential treatment center for young men with an accredited learning environment, in Delta, Utah, which borders the great Basin area.  We combine trauma-informed therapy along with cognitive and dialectical behavior treatment with a positive peer culture to create a unique therapeutic program which facilitates the development of each of our clients into the man he has the potential to become.


White River holds a strong bond with the community of Delta and includes client-engineered service projects as an integral part of our program. A customized educational program is designed for each client to help him achieve his full learning potential.

This program helps lead troubled boys down the right path toward becoming men of character and integrity. The goal is more than just treatment of a mental, behavioral or process addiction issue. WRA's goal is personal growth and maturity through treatment, so the young man is prepared to contribute to society.

Our Methodology

Admitting your son into a program is an emotional decision. We are here to support you through the entire process of getting your son the help he needs. We understand the monumental devotion and sacrifice parents make with their time, energy, and money to ensure their son receives the very best. We are committed to assuring your son receives the highest level of attention, guidance and assistance available.

Our Approach

White River offers a cost effective solution focused on value and long term positive outcomes for your family. Let's dive into 3 Key attributes that set us apart from the others.

01.  No Application Fees

Every client has the right to apply at no cost to you.

02. All Cost is Inclusive

There is no fine print. There are no hidden costs. You can rest assured knowing that a price model is set and your son is in good hands.

03. We Accept Health Insurance

Over the years White River has worked extremely hard to provide a cost-effective way for parents to give their son the help he needs without depleting their retirement account or life savings. We work directly with your insurance provider or other funding source so you can use those resources to meet the financial requirements or greatly offset the cost of attendance.


Curious about how much your insurance plan or other resource will cover? 

Find out today by calling our admissions team at (888) 864-0065

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Program Costs

Annual cost for White River covers ongoing program expenses, including the learning curriculum, therapy and accommodation. Experiential activities such as weight lifting, hiking, camping, fishing, rock climbing, canoeing and horseback riding are also included.

In addition, there is a one-time start up fee for the cost of clothing and personal needs and all necessary supplies the client will need over the course of the year. This information will be covered in the detailed packet during the admissions process.

To review the specifics of client admissions documentation please contact our team below.

We will walk you through the various options and resources available based on your specific needs.

Speak With Our Admissions Team

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Expenses Not Covered

Parents are responsible for any travel costs or medical costs that occur during the youth’s stay at White River . Parents can use normal insurance and co-pays or private pay if they do not have insurance for medical needs which may arise.


The possible medical costs include prescriptions, regular visits to the doctor’s office, dental or unforeseen emergencies. You will have your own "parent liaison" that coordinates all of these details with you while your son is at White River.


The child’s safety is one of our top priorities at White River and the professional staff will ensure the child is covered in the case of an emergency.

Other expenses are Parent Weekends - while every parent is encouraged to attend quarterly, we don't include the costs in the event there are weekends that parents cannot attend.


It is required that all students have a physical within 90 days of beginning the program. If a client has not had a recent physical, he can get one after he arrives. 

Financial Aid

Financial assistance is available, based upon the individual situation and need of the family. Please call our Admissions team at (888) 864-0065 to further discuss one’s financial situation.

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