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White River Academy provides a safe, structured and caring environment for adolescent boys aged 12 to 17 who are struggling in school, as well as dealing with mental, behavioral and process addiction issues.

Located in Delta, Utah, White River Academy, WRA, combines therapeutic and academic programming to facilitate personal growth for students, in order to help combat these difficulties. White River Academy also encourages adopting a balanced lifestyle so the students will have healthy minds and healthy bodies. Community service is vital at White River Academy, in helping students learn the importance of helping others and being part of a community larger community and society.

When parents decide to enroll their son at White River Academy, the process can be completed in four easy steps. To shorten the enrollment process down to 24 hours, parents can speak to an admissions team member for pre-qualification. If there is concern or need for a faster enrollment process, contact us and we will do our best to work with the situation. Below are the 4 key steps in the process to getting your son enrolled with us here at White River.

The Enrollment Process

01 // Admissions

For the first step to the enrollment process, contact our admissions team direct by calling (435) 922-1183, where a live person is available 24/7. An admissions counselor will provide the initial assessment to ensure that White River Academy is a good fit for your needs and pre-qualify the teen for enrollment.

02 // Complete Enrollment Application Forms

After speaking to a member of our admissions team, the next step is to fill out the APPLICATION on the parent portal. That link is below. Parents or guardians will be asked to create a user name and password for this step. This portal is where parents or guardians can access information about their son during his stay at White River Academy. It's recommended to create easy-to-remember login information and avoid being locked out of the portal.

03 // Preparing for White River

Once the application is completed, the next step is for parents or guardians to review the information available on the portal. This information includes the list of items the son needs to bring with him in the parent information packet. It is essential to review the list of what their son needs and what he is not allowed to bring. To give a preview, any electronics and jewelry need to be left at home. Once the application has been reviewed and approved, a member of the admissions team will reach out to the parents or guardians.

04 // Application Review

Once the application has been reviewed and approved, a member of the admissions team will reach out to the parents or guardians.  

05 // Finalize & Prepare for White River

The final step is for parents to finalize the paperwork and prepare for their son’s entrance into White River Academy.  A small list of "items to bring" will be provided along with several important legal documents and contracts, which need to be signed and submitted before your son begins his program. Parents can conveniently access and complete most of these through the parent portal.  Two of these forms, the power of attorney and the contract for services, must be notarized. There will also be a review with our administration team to assure all of your questions are answered as your family begins your White River Academy journey.

Enrollment Application Form

Parents and Child

You Are Not Alone

We know this is a huge decision to make. You are not alone in this process. We've helped hundreds of families like yours who simply needed answers. Our team is with you through the entire process and stay of your son in our program.

If you have more questions about enrollment, admissions or our program, please call our team direct (435) 922-1183.

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