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Building steam: 7 steps to raise a teen’s self-esteem

April 1, 2015 0 Comments

7 steps to raise a teen’s self-esteem

Adolescence is brutal. It is that phase of life which, upon looking back at it, one is happy to never revisit. For most young teens, it is a time of awkward clumsiness, acne and withering self-esteem. The transition from childhood to adolescence is often problematic, riddled with insecurity and uncertainty. Amidst a competitive peer landscape, one may feel he or she doesn’t measure up and wind up being isolated, spending his or her free time holed up in the bedroom.

These rocky, early teen years can take a toll on a youth’s self-confidence. Here are seven ideas for parents to consider while searching for ways to help their teen boost his or her confidence:

Above all of these suggestions, the most powerful tool parents possess is to support their teens.  By communicating unconditional love and support, they will instill in them a strong sense of value. Parents can provide the building blocks of authentic confidence by simply showing their kids that they believe in them.

White River Academy, places an emphasis on character development in adolescent males with behavioral issues, offering life skills classes and community service oriented programs to instill qualities that lead to a productive and successful life post-recovery. For questions about White River Academy, please call 866-520-0905.

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