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Parent Weekend

At White River Academy, our goal is to help rehabilitate individuals who have struggled to find their place. We believe that families deserve their best shot at successful relationships. One of our signature pieces of treatment for both adolescents and parents is what we call " Parent Weekend."

For some of the kids that attend the Academy, this is the first time in years they spend quality time with their families.

Parent Weekend is where families of those who are enrolled in the Academy come to participate in a weekend where they spend quality time together. For some of the kids that attend the Academy, this is the first time in years they spend quality time with their families. Activities are planned so that bonds can be rekindled. Activities such as kickball, painting, bowling, movies, and more show the families that it takes little money to have a good time and create strong memories that bond families with each other. During parent weekend, the families come together to work on issues brought to light in therapy sessions.

Parent weekend occurs every 90 days to allow the staff and program to help break the dependencies that each child may face. What is a dependency, you may ask? A dependency is something that is used to remain in the developmental vacation. Doctor Dan Sanderson performs incredible training to help families and adolescents understand how dependencies can harm development and family life. The main types of dependencies that we see are social media dependencies, pornography, chemical dependencies, video game dependencies, peer dependencies, and parental dependencies. These dependencies must be removed for the child to engage in the treatment. This allows the kids to focus on the program and receive the treatment they need. This also allows the parents to display teachings they have learned within therapy as well.

During parent weekend, our main priority is to help families grow and become whole again. Many families who have received treatment have experienced traumatizing situations that have scarred their family unit. At parent weekend, we aim to create an environment of healing, growth, and success. To learn more about parent weekend and anything else treatment related wise visit

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