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How Community Support Fuels Success at White River Academy: Annual Tri-Tip Fundraiser Highlights

The Delta, Utah Community in large part is one of the biggest reasons White River Academy is so successful working with young men struggling with addiction and mental health challenges. We understand that it is not just one person that helps build character in adolescents but it is a whole community.The small town of Delta, Utah is a fantastic space to work on personal growth as well as develop critical life skills. The community supports and uplifts young men in ways that shape who they are and provide opportunities for positive progression. From supporting and mentoring these young men Delta, Utah continues to amaze us with their help and dedication to raising the new generation to be leaders in our communities. White River Academy has coordinated with the West Millard Little League Baseball program to create an annual fundraiser to provide funds for West Millard Baseball as well as for White River service projects which each client must complete prior to graduating the program. This event is a win-win for young men within the baseball programs as well as the young men within White River. 

Each April our clients at White River, in connection with the young player on each team start selling Papa Joe's famous tri-tip roasts. They often go door to door to sell the roasts in order to raise money. The fundraiser allows these young men to get out of their comfort zones as knocking on doors is not an easy thing to do. They work on their social skills as well as their ability to think critically. They learn how to do things they do not want to do to benefit themselves in the long run! Some of the students have even stated “ I wasn’t sure I could do it but as long as I stayed positive, I ended up being able to pull through”. These young men get to feel included in something “ bigger

than them” and look outward, which for some of them, is the first time they have ever experienced service. 

These boys have skills that have been underutilized their whole lives and getting out into the community allows them to prove to themselves that they are worth something. This fundraiser among a lengthy list of other things provides opportunities for these young men to grow. After selling their hearts out the day of the event arrives. The Tri Tip event is a huge event for the community. A little league baseball camp put on by the local Delta High School Baseball team and tons of community members come together to put on a wonderful day at the ballpark. The kitchen staff at White River makes an incredible meal that community members come out to enjoy. Potato Salad, Baked bean, a Tri-tip sandwich, chips and a drink. The young men at White River participate in every aspect of the fundraiser and get to experience a side of preparation as well as planning and goal setting that they have never seen before. 

The Tri Tip fundraiser has been an incredible experience for all parties involved. The Delta community shows its true colors as it takes a village to raise good young men. At White River our goal is to make an environment for these young adults to see their true potential. The Delta community continues to impress us with its support. The Tri Tip fundraiser is now an annual event and will continue to be a wonderful learning experience not only for the baseball program and young men with White River but also for all of us!


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