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Service around the community

Wade_WRA-Newsletter_SeptemberFacilityUpdates_A_20160819_WS.jpgWhite River Academy has been busy this month with service projects. At the beginning of the month, our compliance members were pulling weeds and doing yard work for Delta residents. Compliance staff member Mr. Russell has been pleased with the hard work that our compliance boys have put into these service projects.

Mr. Russell says, “I'm very impressed with the excitement that has come from Christian with work details. There are a lot of aspects in his life that he is not as interested in or willing to work hard in. When it comes to work details, he is always on the ball and ready to do his best”. Russell also stated that one compliance member, Chance, has become more motivated to work hard in the last four months at the school than ever before.  Chance continues to work hard and put forth his best effort to get the job done.

At the beginning of August, compliance members helped a citizen remove a pile of bricks from a property and succeeded without any issues. On August 8, some of our Group 2 community members also assisted an elderly resident in removing a mattress from their apartment. They boys were very respectful to the resident and successful in getting the mattress out of the residence. On August 10, our students went out to a local business to pull weeds for the facility.

Successful fundraising  

One of our community members, Donovan, completed his fundraising for his large service project. Donovan is planning to weld a bike rack for the Athenian eAcademy. Donovan’s fundraiser was selling popcorn, and he was able to surpass his fundraising goal. His popcorn was delivered on August 11, and he was able to deliver all of the popcorn in one day. Donovan is going on his home visit and will begin welding the bike rack upon his return to WRA.

Another community member just finished his fundraising for his service project. He plans on re-bedding the flower gardens at Athenian eAcademy. For his fundraiser, he sold See’s Candies and met his funding goal. He had his candy delivered in three days. He plans on moving forward with his service project when he returns to WRA from a home visit.

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Featuring: Derick Marchant
Location: White River Academy, Delta, Utah
Department: Staff
Position: Staff Support

Kristin_WRA_newsletter_featured_employee_20160818_WS_copy.jpgIn the five short months Derick Marchant has been with White River Academy, he's already made a lasting impact on the young men.

He's a local – born and raised in Cedar City, Utah, and a graduate of Delta High – but his desire to help others spans the seas.

A calling to help, bridging gaps

After high school, Marchant served a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Southern Spain and became fluent in Spanish through experiential immersion. Marchant lived in five different cities during that time.

As staff support at White River Academy, he's used his Spanish to speak with one of the program's international students.

Just this fall, Marchant will begin at Utah Valley University to pursue a teaching degree, in English.

Living overseas taught him to appreciate the unexpected that each day brings and to be a help any way you can.

"That's what I enjoyed so much about working for White River Academy: I had different experiences every day. I just loved going home each night knowing I'm doing something important."

And his fellow staff members would agree his efforts were important and instrumental.

They praised Marchant, affirming he "provided a positive environment for all that work with him. Because of his friendly demeanor, ability to hold compliance students to structure in a positive manner and his willingness to go above and beyond in his position, Marchant has well deserved the title of WRA's Employee of the Month."

What inspires Derick to help others

While with the students, Marchant assisted service projects, played on the seasonal softball team, participated in outdoor excursions and provided support on compliance outings.

What inspires him to help others, along with his faith, has been seeing White River Academy's embodiment of the Positive Peer Culture and the boys' relationship building within the Delta community.  

"The most interesting part is when a teen needs counsel, and they don't really take it from an adult but from peers and legitimately help each other, checking up on each other's behavior. That's when you see a lot of progress in one of the guys."

When asked if the students reject the peer feedback, or view it as being bossed around, Marchant says "They learn how to humble themselves to take that criticism."

Marchant says it lifts him up to see the locals receptive to the boys, and the boys' readiness to go beyond compliance to relate and forge acquaintances in the community is encouraging.

Marchant is getting married in November and says, though he doesn't yet know if the future with his new bride will include him being able to come back to WRA next summer, he's thoroughly appreciated the time.  

"You definitely don't see other regular 'clock in, clock out' jobs where you get to make this kind of an impact and directly influence people's lives. I'm going to miss that."

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