Dramatic personality changes in teenagers: What's typical and what's not?


"Who are you and what have you done with my child?" is a common joke parents make when their children start exerting their individuality. To accomplish the healthy separation process of development, children test boundaries to become separate individuals. 


Boys, bears, bugs and battling depression: Wilderness therapy treats mental health disorders

Whether for a child, teenager, adolescent or adult, it is hard to clear the mind and get away from the pollution, work stress, car horns and "noise of society." A stimulation intensive world filled with triggers can easily set off underlying stressors and emotions. 

New data finds synthetic marijuana, K2, impacts teen heart function
Marijuana Study Counters 
'Gateway' Theory
Synthetic marijuana, known as K2 or Spice, decreases the flow of oxygen to the heart in teenagers and can cause serious heart complications, says new research from Children's National Health System. Decreased oxygen levels to the heart can have serious consequences in youth, from shortness of breath and chest pain to the pediatric equivalent of a   heart attack.

Marijuana may not be the "gateway drug" some believe it to be, a new study contends.

Instead,  teens   smoke pot for very specific reasons, and it is those reasons that appear to prompt their decision to try other drugs, researchers report.

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Living with an addicted parent: 

11 years old, going on 30


Living with a loved one who is plagued by a mental disorder or a substance addiction can be one of the most challenging obstacles to overcome. Most people in their lifetime have one or two bad roommates either in college or after college. However, rarely do they have to learn to cope with living with an addict or someone with a mental health disorder. It is frustrating enough to live with someone who makes a mess in the house or eats all the food, but imagine living with someone who will go to extreme measures to obtain drugs or alcohol, or someone who has a mental health disorder that is not managed. At any moment, this person can harm another human being, or even himself or herself. Living with a parent who is mentally ill or addicted re-defines the phrase "walking on egg shells."

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