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Police are adept at arresting drunk drivers, but they are coming up short on testing drivers arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of marijuana. Law enforcement has a problem, and it begins with "THC."
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Depression is the most prevalent mental health disorder among teens and adults in the U.S. In 2014, an estimated 2.8 million adolescents aged 12 to 17 in the U.S. had at least one major depressive episode in the past year, translating into 11.4 percent of the U.S. population aged 12 to 17.
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"I don't even know what drunk means. She may get tipsy now and then, but all she does is get silly."

True story from a family court investigator interviewing a teen attempting to cover up mom's drinking habits; she was asked if she and a younger sibling feel safe.
The Effects Of Addicted Parents On Their Children
Telling somebody to avoid temptation is easy. Actually doing it is hard.
Since the 1980s, kids have been bombarded with anti-drug messages. They're told to just say no, dare to stay off drugs and to get the facts about drug and alcohol abuse. 

'Parenting a Teen Who Has Intense Emotions' Discusses DBT Skills for Behavioral Health Challenges

While being a teen and dealing with the roller coaster that is puberty is rough, parenting a teen is a whole other ball game. This is made more complicated when dealing with a teen whose emotions go far beyond the norm for this hormonal stage of life.

F E A T U R E D  E M P L O Y E E

Katie Soli

Location: White River Academy, Delta, Utah

Department: Clinical

Position: Therapist

There is rarely ever a day when Katie Soli has nothing to do. She works relentlessly as a therapist at WRA, and when she is not, she spends most of her free time going to game practices, hiking, kayaking, camping and travelling with her four children. Katie is also an active member of her church and neighborhood, as well as an active Girl Scout. After all this, whatever time she is left with, Katie fills it by getting together with friends and family to talk, play games, or just sit by the fire.

About her position

With a master's degree in counseling psychology with emphasis on family and marriage therapy, and having worked with At Risk Youth for about 17 years, Katie has extensive experience in cognitive behavioral therapy, experiential therapy and relationship-based therapy.

Working as therapist for WRA, Katie collaborates with the team to develop and implement treatment goals. She interacts personally with the students and their families, focusing on not just treatment but on the improvement of family relationships and rebuilding the family system. 

During her individual and family sessions, Katie has noticed a prevalence of issues surrounding lack of communication, detachment, past trauma and adoption.

Katie's journey at WRA

Other than the extremely dedicated staff and administration of WRA, what attracted Katie the most to working at WRA was its Positive Peer Culture (PPC) model of WRA. The model encourages student collaboration, encouraging and helping each other along the way. Based on the governing principles of care and concern, Katie is enthused to see a sense of strength, empowerment and responsibility being cultivated among students through this model.

Katie's treatment philosophy is centered on motivation for change. She believes she can only help students so much unless they themselves want to change and are motivated for growth. This comes from helping students to see how their unhealthy ways of coping are negatively impacting their lives. Once they grasp this, it's powerful enough to turn everything around. 

Katie finds young boys to be unique in treatment. She fully understands that building a rapport and deep understanding with these students has to be the fundamental approach. Hence, Katie  focuses on getting to know the students individually, finding out their likes, dislikes and what drives them. Not "forcing" therapy on them is the key to finding that place where treatment can go into effect. 

When asked about her experience at WRA, Katie enthusiastically commented, "I am so blessed to work with such great people at WRA and I hope that I contribute to the success of the students at WRA as well as the success of others working at WRA."

What inspires Katie

What motivates Katie to do what she does is her love for standing witness to the journey of change the students embark upon and how they emerge from it as empowered young men. Seeing these individuals fighting their personal battles and discovering their strengths, and getting to be a small part of it, is particularly rewarding and inspirational for Katie.  
F A C I L I T Y  U P D A T E S  &  S T U D E N T  A C T I V I T I E S

Extracurricular Activities: Several students are currently working on obtaining a Utah state food handlers permit to help with White River Academy's April fundraiser

Extracurricular Activities: WRA held a mock talent show that was put on by some of the students to practice for the April Parent Weekend Talent Show

Community Involvement: Community Groups participated in a fundraiser for the April Parent Weekend Service Project by selling roast beef dinners
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