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It’s easy to forget when you’re dealing with the massive stress family problems bring that you’re not alone. Many people have gone through what you’re struggling with and they’re often eager to share their stories and experiences with other parents.

Additionally, there’s constant studies and research being done on adolescent behavior and related issues garnering more information and new strategies on resolving those problems positively.

Below, we’ve linked to a variety of articles on everything from tips for dealing with adolescent difficulties to interesting new studies on diet and behavior. If you’d like to read more, please visit our Recommended Reading page, where we have included additional information for parents to get the help they need.

Helpful research

Interesting Blog or News Articles

Teens And Parents: Battle Of The Wills:” How to manage your teen’s first taste of autonomy.

5 Teen Behavior Problems: A Troubleshooting Guide:” Addressing teen behavior problems before they become bigger problems.

Help For Marriages Strained By Defiant Children:” Keeping your marriage strong despite a teen’s defiant behavior.

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We would like to thank all the wonderful staff at WRA for the great parent weekend. We enjoyed it and felt that we learned valuable insights on Positive Peer Culture and the values we must have and the importance of family commitment to each other...

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