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Weight and diet predict sleep quality, research shows

November 29, 2016   0 Comments

The human body needs only a few things on a daily basis that are nonnegotiable: proper intake of water and nutrition, exercise and sleep. Many factors affect sleep quality and quantity and many new disturbing trends within American society put people at risk for inadequate sleep: Lack of exercise Working long hours Malnutrition and obesity
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Bringing awareness to juvenile arthritis

June 24, 2016   0 Comments

Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA), formally known as juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA), is one of the most common chronic diseases in childhood and the etiology is unknown to date. This childhood arthritis is highlighted by joint swelling, fevers, and a salmon-pink skin rash. The arthritis must be present for at least six weeks before a diagnosis
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How diabetes impairs cognition

June 17, 2016   0 Comments

Diabetes affects approximately 26 million Americans, according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released in 2011. This life-altering disease affects the entire body from the feet to the brain, and sugar is the main culprit. Diabetes results from the inability of the pancreas to regulate insulin release. Insulin is the
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Can diabetes cause mood swings?

May 19, 2016   0 Comments

Diabetes is a serious and even life threatening disease if not treated appropriately. It is a disease involving the pancreas which is responsible for regulating blood sugar in the body. The pancreas regulates blood sugar in the body by releasing two different hormones: insulin and glucagon. Insulin is released when the blood sugar is high
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Averting disaster with a voluntary ignition interlock device

February 29, 2016   0 Comments

You love your son and feel guilty the alcoholic gene runs as long in your family as the mustache of a Kung Fu master. Over the course of junior high you discover he’s got an alcohol abuse problem. You all agree to put him through detox quietly; no rehab for fear the community will alight,
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Bros before woes: When your younger sibling is an addict

February 26, 2016   0 Comments

“Our sibling relationships, in fact, are the longest-lasting family ties we have. “Simple perception of parental favoritism was enough to undermine [sibling] relationship. “In families with more than one child, every sibling seems to get a label in contrast to every other sibling.” Such are the statistically-backed reflections of science writer Robin Marantz Henig, who’s
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Researchers find link between picky eating and psychological distress

February 22, 2016   0 Comments

Most children prefer hamburgers to carrots, and ice cream to broccoli. For some children, however, their picky eating habits are so severe that they avoid entire food groups and would rather go hungry than eat a food item that isn’t one of their favorites. According to a research study published in the journal Pediatrics this
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Omega-3 fatty acids linked to decreased bipolar disorder symptoms

February 18, 2016   0 Comments

Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids are commonly found in fish oil, fish and flaxseed, and these fatty acids have been clinically proven to lower cholesterol — specifically LDL cholesterol, which is more commonly known as the “bad” cholesterol. Omega-3 fatty acids are known as essential acids because the body does not make them naturally and, therefore,
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The importance of adolescent-focused therapy for teen self-harm

February 15, 2016   0 Comments

Self harm — also known as non-suicidal self-injury — is surprisingly common. Researchers estimate that the lifetime prevalence of self-harm is anywhere between 13 to 23 percent. This means that out of the 318.8 million people in the United States, between 41.4 and 73.3 million people have struggled with self-harm at some point in their
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Test time: The price of drug use

February 3, 2016   0 Comments

Marijuana is legal now and 17-year-old Tommy sees nothing wrong with his continued use. Yet, when Tommy is suspended from school for marijuana use, his parents put the foot down, stressing the need to stop and avoid destroying his future. What Tommy may not realize, is that his continued use could build into dependency and
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We would like to thank all the wonderful staff at WRA for the great parent weekend. We enjoyed it and felt that we learned valuable insights on Positive Peer Culture and the values we must have and the importance of family commitment to each other...

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