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Study finds link between traumatic brain injury and alcohol abuse among youngsters

August 23, 2017   0 Comments

Any discussion regarding the link between alcohol and traumatic brain injury (TBI) almost always tends to focus on an individual’s increased risk of injury due to intoxication. Researchers at Ohio State University (OSU) were curious to know the outcome in case the situation reversed, especially among youngsters. An older study from OSU had found that
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California also proposes to tax prescription painkillers

April 12, 2017   0 Comments

Life today has become increasingly busy with conflicting demands on limited time. Hard-pressed and in a bid to balance and fulfill all commitments, people are becoming more and more stressed. Consequently, incidences of anxiety, depression, insomnia and other disorders are on the rise. People often resort to different ways in a bid to manage their
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Painkillers: The real gateway drug

February 4, 2016   0 Comments

A simple web search of “what heroin high feels like” will yield forums dedicated to disturbingly mundane threads providing detailed information. On the website HighExistence, a message board user calling himself “Yaboyllamaz” debunks sensationalized myths about heroin highs. After detailing the different effects from variant opioids, he confides the following: “I had tried Vicodin, Percocet/OxyContin/forms
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Test time: The price of drug use

February 3, 2016   0 Comments

Marijuana is legal now and 17-year-old Tommy sees nothing wrong with his continued use. Yet, when Tommy is suspended from school for marijuana use, his parents put the foot down, stressing the need to stop and avoid destroying his future. What Tommy may not realize, is that his continued use could build into dependency and
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Why marijuana is blowing cigarettes away

January 26, 2016   0 Comments

Although it is still classified as a Schedule I substance, the popularity of cannabis has never been higher in the United States. By state law, the drug is allowed for medical use in 23 states and completely legal in Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska. In stark contrast, decades of Surgeon General Reports and antidrug advertising
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I can see clearly now: A fear tactic against marijuana use

January 22, 2016   0 Comments

Teenagers barely tune in during any lecture on driving under the influence and parents may relinquish – leaving the teen with a simple warning: not to mess up the car. A hesitant relief sweeps over parents – they finally have a night out, without needing to pick up their boy from the movies. The night
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How to intervene when your child has experimented with drugs

January 20, 2016   0 Comments

Parents exert the most influence on their kids when it comes to alcohol and drugs. Recent research discovered that two out of three teenage kids who abstain from alcohol and drugs do so to avoid losing their parents’ respect. But what happens if a child has already begun to experiment with drugs or alcohol? Before
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Long-term consequences of drug possession for young adults

January 20, 2016   0 Comments

Abusing drugs can have a wide range of consequences for individuals of all ages. For young people, legal ramifications create obstacles that last well into later life, even long after entering recovery. In Utah, possession of some types of drugs can constitute a felony, leading to long prison sentences and severe difficulties in finding employers.
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Substance abuse and teens: A parent’s response

January 15, 2016   0 Comments

Rick knew it was late and the party had taken a turn as other teens had continued drinking and some were smoking marijuana as well. Rick knew that along with his friends, none of them was fit to drive home but Rick is afraid to call his parents to get picked up. What would they
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Teen influence to smoke hits close to home

May 13, 2015   0 Comments

teen influence to smoke hits close to home

Though cigarette advertising has long been regulated due to obvious health concerns, this has certainly not stopped some teens from lighting up and getting addicted. There are still strong messages in the media, such as in the case of smoking in films or amongst popular music figures. Of course, peers may also play a role
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