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Holiday traveling: Use these cost-saving tips to visit loved ones in treatment

December 12, 2014 0 Comments

holiday traveling tips

For patients in residential treatment for mental health disorders or addictions, the holiday season will be more difficult. For the patient, being away from home and family in addition to being in treatment, means missing all the usual holiday get-togethers and excitement that goes with them.

For the family members, it’s likely that they will miss their loved one at this family-focused and special time of year as well. As emphasized in family therapy, the family unit is crucial during treatment, and particularly around the holiday season. Making the trip to visit the family member will provide hope and motivation for both sides while spending time together.

Unfortunately, the holiday season also brings the added stress of higher expenses, including traveling. Whether it’s flying, driving yourself or commuting via public transportation, the costs of tickets, hotels and gas prices expectedly go up during the holiday months. With family members in treatment and added costs for other holiday expenses, traveling for a visit may not be affordable.

Here are a few cost-saving tips that can help families save money even though travel plans may be close to last minute.


Hotel accommodations are expensive, but there is an alternative. Travelers can visit a website called airbnb.com to see what might be available in the area they want to visit. Airbnb.com lists private residences in which they can stay at a very reasonable cost. Whole houses, private rooms or shared rooms are available for temporary visits. Each person listing their availability on Airbnb.com provides a full description of the accommodations in detail, including available amenities and arrival and departure times. Travelers can also read user reviews on their website. It’s always highly advised to book as far as possible in advance for the best deals.

When at home making plans, travelers can call hotel front desks (not the toll-free number) and ask for the cheapest, non-refundable room available. Then, upon check-in, travelers can inquire about any discounted rooms that are available that day. Hotels also occasionally offer complimentary upgrades for holiday visits. Kindness and patience also go a long way when inquiring about needed affordable deals.


While having more time flexibility can make it easier to find great prices, there are plenty of ways to save money on last minute holiday travel:

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