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Alcohol Awareness Month: Drinking behind death of 12 youths under 21 every day

April 28, 2017   0 Comments

For the most of us, life is all about fun, until the age of 21. And, to live life to the fullest, teenagers, especially boys, look for options that allow them to have maximum fun. Their list includes ideas that are both safe and risky for their health as well as personal development, such as
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When it’s do or die: Learning about ‘Negotiating the Nonnegotiable’

July 26, 2016   0 Comments

Almost everyone has been there. You and another person have to resolve a conflict, be it in business or in your personal life. However, the problem doesn’t appear to be one that you both can solve. Whatever it is, you just can’t find a solution to the problem. So how does one negotiate the seemingly
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Natural Parenting in a world that is not family friendly

February 25, 2016   0 Comments

As time is progressing, more speculation and weariness is emerging regarding what our culture demands from kids and their caregivers. Young children are often expected to meet adult behavioral standards. Yet often overlooked are the developmental needs of kids that require principles of trial and error, exploration and learning along the way. A recent debate
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Avoiding relapse in college-bound teens

January 12, 2016   0 Comments

Successfully completing an addiction treatment program is an achievement anyone should be proud of, particularly a teen. Parents of a teen in recovery also feel satisfied that a major milestone has been reached. When the teens are ready to go out of state to college, where they will be away from parental guidance, however, parents
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What are you abusing New Year’s … New Year’s Eve?

January 4, 2016   0 Comments

If Christmas and Hanukkah are largely for the kids, New Year’s is definitely for the adults. Children get the nine p.m. New York ball drop and the New Year’s parade on TV in the morning. A parent of a teen however, has the burden of requests to go party or a young adult stealthily making
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The benefits of spending time together and volunteering as a family

December 23, 2015   0 Comments

A strong family helps build mental and behavioral fortitude. One study in 2006 analyzed nearly 100,000 adolescent students across the United States and determined that higher frequencies of dinners spent together with family was positively associated with constructive behaviors and negatively associated with high-risk behaviors in children. From these findings and many others, it is
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A fixer-upper: Repercussions after a teen’s rehab

December 14, 2015   0 Comments

Carter’s dad remembers being nervous and excited the day Carter was born. He remembers Carter’s first steps, the first basketball game to an all-star career, the first science fair, the first day of high school, the first time Carter was suspended for drug use, the second suspension, Carter’s first trip to rehab and Carter’s first
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After school special: There are no shortcuts

October 23, 2015   0 Comments

The struggle to be the next best thing in any domain, sits on the shoulders of most teens. At one time or another, the dream of being the best pushes people to try. The desire to win and achieve greatness is so powerful, that many teens and adults will search for any and all shortcuts
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After school special: Encourage extracurricular activities

October 20, 2015   0 Comments

The sun is out, the bell has rung, the backpack weighs at least 20 pounds as David files out of the school for the day. Upon getting home, backpack is on the floor, shoes are off, snacks are gathered, remote is located and David is set to relax for an hour or two in front
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Mental health for students far from home: Keeping mentally healthy far away

October 12, 2015   0 Comments

Dad: I know you’ve been at school a few months now, how goes it? David: It’s fine, I guess; just nerve-wracking. School is just so tough right now. Dad: You shouldn’t worry about it, okay? The real world is much more difficult and you can’t handle college? David: Okay, I guess so. Word of advice…
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