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Tips to help teens navigate pain of losing a loved one

April 24, 2018   0 Comments

The tragic death of 16 players and staff members of Humboldt Broncos, an ice hockey team from Humboldt, Saskatchewan, Canada, in a disastrous road accident on April 16, 2018, has left the entire local community heartbroken, especially their teenage friends and classmates. The survivors are finding it difficult to come out of the shock and
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Utah County launches awareness campaign to limit opioid use and prevent addiction

February 19, 2018   0 Comments

Utah County launches awareness campaign to limit opioid use and prevent addiction

Utah is among the most severely impacted states by the opioid epidemic in the United States. From 2013-2015, the state ranked seventh nationwide for deaths from drug overdose. From 2000-2015, there was a 400 percent increase in deaths from the abuse/misuse of prescription drugs. Prescription opioid-related deaths have been significantly higher in specific counties and
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Social leisure engagement can benefit well-being of emerging adults

January 17, 2018   0 Comments

Social leisure engagement can benefit well-being of emerging adults

The transition from school to college is considered an exciting time for many youngsters. However, this period can also be quite stressful, particularly for those who will live independently for the first time. Moreover, academic pressure, peer pressure and unexpected or adverse situations can act as additional stressors, affecting the mental health of students. A
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Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month: Parents can play a critical role in helping teens recover

September 22, 2017   0 Comments

The process of recovering from addiction is full of hardship and challenges not only for the individual concerned but also for his or her loved ones. Since adolescent years are characterized by rapid changes, especially those related to brain development, youngsters recovering from an addiction face a unique set of challenges. Admitting drug or alcohol-dependent
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Addiction risk higher among teens at elite schools, says study

July 17, 2017   0 Comments

Parents usually enroll children in elite schools with a view to provide them the best education and experience including equipping them with the tools necessary to lead a good life and protecting them from unwanted or unsuitable environments. However, a recent study seems to challenge this notion and prove that privilege is not equal to
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Teens’ ER visits saw an upsurge after pot legalization in Colorado, finds study

May 5, 2017   0 Comments

  Teenage years can be exciting times for some when young adults often start experimenting and trying out new experiences. It is that stage of life when a person loves to do varied things, such as making new friends, visiting new places, following fads, trying new foods, and the likes. However, this phase has a
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Alcohol Awareness Month: Teens need to hone their drink refusal skills

April 26, 2017   0 Comments

Alcohol is similar to the sorcerer’s stone, if looked at from a teenage boy’s perspective. It holds the key to some promised land and assures of great times if consumed copiously. At least that’s what other peers think. Underage drinking can have adverse effects on a teenagers’ developing brains and health. In order to educate
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Opioid addiction and its effect on the brain

February 15, 2017   0 Comments

Individuals who abuse opioids run many risks, and one of them is addiction. However, the list does not end there. In addition to addiction, individuals are also at a risk for various physical and mental disorders. The brain does not differentiate between prescription opioids like OxyContin and illicit drugs like heroin. Their effect on the
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Cannabis use disorder is on the rise, and few are receiving treatment

April 29, 2016   0 Comments

The fundamental differences between marijuana use disorder and its use for medicinal, recreational or experimental reasons are: Spending a disproportionate amount of time obtaining or recovering from the substance Forgoing normal activities in lieu of substance use Experiencing withdrawal symptoms, such as restlessness, disturbed sleep, anxiety, irritability, depression, gastrointestinal issues and decreased appetite It’s a
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Averting disaster with a voluntary ignition interlock device

February 29, 2016   0 Comments

You love your son and feel guilty the alcoholic gene runs as long in your family as the mustache of a Kung Fu master. Over the course of junior high you discover he’s got an alcohol abuse problem. You all agree to put him through detox quietly; no rehab for fear the community will alight,
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