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The impact of marijuana on teens

July 21, 2015 1 Comment


As the rest of the country looks to Colorado and Washington to see how well marijuana legalization is going, scientists have continued to study its effects. This includes how marijuana affects teens, which, as they are finding, is a more worrisome issue than many people realize.

It is a fact that teens are still developing mentally and physically. While some may not have realized it, studies have begun to discover that smoking marijuana affects teens’ mental development, and not for the better. It is messing with adolescents’ mental reward systems, their moods, their ability to cope with different situations and more. The following includes major reasons why parents should definitely be wary about their teens using marijuana:

The more time that passes, the more researchers are discovering how marijuana affects the brain of smokers. This is a huge concern for adolescents and teens who are smoking marijuana. The more studies being done on this subject, the worse it is looking. All in all, parents would do well to encourage their teens to stay away from marijuana. Parents are also advised to seek help for those teens who are already smoking marijuana. While this substance may not be physically addictive, it has been found to be psychologically addictive. It is best to halt teenage marijuana use as early as possible in order to diminish the adverse effects it will have.

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  1. Valerie Mehlig Curry says:

    Excellent and very helpful summary, which I have found true as both the parent of a 16-year-old son and as an educator who teaches children with autism in upper elementary grades. THANK YOU!!

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