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Not just ego: Low self-esteem can fuel substance abuse

January 27, 2017   0 Comments

“Self-esteem” is one of those terms which can cause some eyes to roll. Maybe it brings touchy-feely imagery to mind, or the suspicion that some people need to toughen up. The reality is a bit more complicated. Fundamentally, self-esteem is a person’s sense of value and worth. People with healthy self-esteem feel good about themselves,
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Electronic aggression and dating: Where does the anger come from?

January 27, 2017   0 Comments

Kids today are wired, and that doesn’t mean they’re drinking a lot of coffee. According to the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP), over 60 percent of adolescents aged 13 to 17 belong to at least one social network site. While AACAP reports that this can actually have benefits – something a 2012
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Mental health care is helpful for teens with depressive symptoms, says study

January 24, 2017   0 Comments

Depression is not a normal part of growing up. Parents all too often dismiss the signs of depression as normal teen moodiness, causing them to neglect seeking professional treatment. Others hesitate to get help due to the associated stigma or financial constraints. However, delay in treatment can result in unnecessary suffering, addiction, worsening of mental
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What is behind the high teen suicide rate in rural America?

January 17, 2017   0 Comments

When a young person with their life ahead of them commits suicide, it has a devastating effect on friends and family members. Death by any cause is overwhelming especially when a young person loses their life but suicide puts a heavy burden on the loved ones left behind. Dr. Robin L Goldstein, a licensed psychologist,
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We would like to thank all the wonderful staff at WRA for the great parent weekend. We enjoyed it and felt that we learned valuable insights on Positive Peer Culture and the values we must have and the importance of family commitment to each other...

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