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How to improve post-holidays attitude

December 29, 2016   0 Comments

Christmas anticipation begins even before Thanksgiving, when stores begin putting up trees and decorations to get people into a shopping mood. Once Thanksgiving is over, the ramp-up to Christmas begins in earnest. The season is filled with plans for family get-togethers, parties, shopping and the anticipation of Christmas Day. Once all of the celebration is
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Art therapy to ease the mind

December 23, 2016   0 Comments

Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Andy Warhol and Berthe Marie Pauline Morisot are all astounding and famous artists that have left permanent brushstrokes on the world’s heart and museum’s walls. Art is a beautiful form of expression that allows emotions and skill to come together. It is an expansive form of study across the world
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Celebrating the holidays apart

December 22, 2016   0 Comments

The holiday season’s about family. Meals are shared; memories are created by the fireplace or around a tree. But when someone’s missing from the festivities, their absence can be felt strongly at this time of the year – particularly if it’s one’s own son. A gap in the line of familiar faces can hurt, even
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The power of positivity and family for mental health during the holidays

December 21, 2016   0 Comments

Festivities can be a challenge or blessing during the holidays, particularly for individuals with mental illnesses. The impact of these occasions on this demographic could depend on the support of family members and dedication to positivity. Various specialists provided commentary on the mental health importance of holidays and the power of optimistic thinking during these
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2016 service projects in review

December 7, 2016   0 Comments

In this world there are “givers” and “takers.” As discussed in a previous newsletter article on White River Academy’s servant leadership operation, the array of service types availed beyond standard juvenile community service penance or credit-rewarded high school volunteerism to “inevitably pull each out of their self-centered shell, bond him with his fellows and give
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We would like to thank all the wonderful staff at WRA for the great parent weekend. We enjoyed it and felt that we learned valuable insights on Positive Peer Culture and the values we must have and the importance of family commitment to each other...

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