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Five psychological drives behind adolescence

February 13, 2015   0 Comments

5 psychological drives for teens

There is a theory that adolescence is driven by five psychological “engines” all in pursuit of the same objective: independence. The five drives include separation, expansion, differentiation, opposition and responsibility. In order to facilitate their cognitive development and growth as a person, it is vital to gain a familiarity with them. The five psychological engines
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How brain mapping is improving depression treatment

February 12, 2015   0 Comments

Brain mapping is one of the most quickly evolving fields in addiction treatment, proving to be able to alter cognitive structures in the brain, gearing them less towards dependency. While brain mapping in addiction has been traditionally used in conjunction with neurofeedback exercises, new research shows that it can predict which patients with clinical depression
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6 Ways to Stop Overthinking

February 10, 2015   0 Comments

6 ways stop overthinking

Excessive rumination or over thinking has been proven to lead to depression. Being able to notice it when it happens is much easier said than done, let alone being able to stop it in its tracks. Simply trying not to think about an anxious thought can be enough to induce anxiety in itself. However, there
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Brain Waves and Sound Sleep

February 5, 2015   0 Comments

brain waves sound sleep

Although sound and brain waves have been associated with improved sleep in past research, they have only examined general correlations between them. A new Northwestern University study has taken research on binaural entrainment to a new level, using an algorithm customized to the person, reducing the risk of unwanted side effects seen in more traditional
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10 reasons you may be depressed

January 30, 2015   0 Comments

10 reasons depressed

Depression can manifest in many forms. Whether it is waking up feeling hopeless about the following day, feeling tired, lonely or simply unmotivated in general, depressive symptoms can develop due to a multitude of reasons. Ranging from psychological reasons to biological or social factors, the onset of depression can be subtle, making it difficult to
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10 stress remedies for teens

January 26, 2015   0 Comments

10 stress remedies for teens

Adolescence is a stressful time, with hormonal changes mounting to existing academic and social pressures. Stress is the predominant reason that adolescents initially try drugs and develop a habit with them. Luckily, there are a multitude of preventative measures that can be employed to avoid stress, and potentially the development of an addiction. In order
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6 Ways to Fix a Problem Child

January 24, 2015   0 Comments

6 ways fix problem child

Despite the best intentions, many parents inadvertently raise their kids to treat their parents and others poorly. Parents unintentionally allow this poor behavior for a number of reasons, which may include not noticing it, having gotten used to it, not knowing how to fix it or not being aware of it to begin with. Regardless
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Jonathan Barney: Classroom Instructor

January 19, 2015   0 Comments

Jonathan has been a classroom instructor at White River Academy since 2011. He is responsible for implementing activities that actively engage students in meaningful learning experiences. He teaches business, financial literacy, math, science and music appreciation. Jonathan academically challenges the students and engages them to set and achieve high academic goals. He has prepared dozens
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Adolescent males and the risk of mental illness in crime

January 19, 2015   0 Comments

Though there are exceptions, there is no denying that a number of violent tragedies in the news in recent years have had young male suspects as the perpetrators. The question is why may this gender and age group be especially prone to violent acts? Perhaps a better understanding can lead to a better sense of
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Commitment to a particular teenage archetype image often leads to substance abuse

January 19, 2015   0 Comments

Some say that Hollywood is like high school with money, which is an appropriate analogy considering that in a sense, the former writes the script for the latter. For as long as written communication has existed, an adolescent’s identity has been shaped largely by what they think will benefit them the most socially. Unfortunately, being
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