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National Bullying Prevention Month: Ohio bills push for mandatory suspension for school bullies

October 13, 2017   0 Comments

Two bills introduced by local Ohio lawmakers in September 2017 targeted an early end to bullying and pushed for faster interventions by schools to punish bullies. Although the bills, proposed by Sen. Sandra Williams and Rep. Dave Greenspan, adopt different approaches, they are similar in their intent of asking schools to stop ignoring bullying and
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Smartphone apps may improve symptoms of mild to moderate depression, finds study

October 11, 2017   0 Comments

The recent explosive growth in smartphone usage, especially among youngsters, has given rise to a unique opportunity to experts to deliver mental health interventions via smartphone applications (apps). So far, there is limited evidence to establish the efficacy of using digitally enabled interventions in the treatment of mental health conditions like depression. To bridge this
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Dealing with children’s trauma in aftermath of Las Vegas mass shooting

October 9, 2017   0 Comments

Deeply disturbing images and videos of the mass shooting at a music festival in Las Vegas on Oct. 1, 2017 have continuously dominated mainstream as well as social media. The horrific incident in which a gunman opened fire on concertgoers, killing at least 59 people and injuring over 500, is possibly the deadliest mass shooting
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Adolescent boys with body image issues at risk of abusing alcohol and drugs

October 6, 2017   0 Comments

Negative health outcomes resulting from poor self-perception of body image are typically associated with adolescent girls. Adverse impacts include eating disorders, depression, low self-esteem and suicidal tendencies. However, a recent study, published in the Journal of Child & Adolescent Substance Abuse in February 2017, found that the negative outcomes are not restricted to adolescent girls
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Study finds improvement in ADHD symptoms from long-acting stimulant

October 4, 2017   0 Comments

Long-acting stimulants, including methylphenidate (MPH), typically show effects after a two-hour time lag in case of youngsters suffering from attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The usual practice is to administer such medication to children first thing in the morning, which is quite challenging for both children and parents as it disrupts the sleep cycle. Moreover, the delayed
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Lessons on resilience may help youth cope with everyday issues, improve mental health

September 27, 2017   0 Comments

As part of its “Rise Above for Schools” program for building critical life skills among youth, Public Health England (PHE) – an executive agency under the Department of Health in the United Kingdom – unveiled a series of new resources for teachers, earlier in September 2017. As part of the program, secondary school teachers will
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Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month: Parents can play a critical role in helping teens recover

September 22, 2017   0 Comments

The process of recovering from addiction is full of hardship and challenges not only for the individual concerned but also for his or her loved ones. Since adolescent years are characterized by rapid changes, especially those related to brain development, youngsters recovering from an addiction face a unique set of challenges. Admitting drug or alcohol-dependent
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Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Awareness Month: Developmental delays in understanding emotions prominent in FASD-affected children

September 21, 2017   0 Comments

The damaging effects of drinking alcohol during pregnancy are well known. The U.S. Surgeon General and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have previously emphasized that no amount of alcohol consumption can be considered safe during pregnancy. Alcohol can harm a fetus at any stage during pregnancy, sometimes even before a woman realizes
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American teens living by the “no sex, dating and alcohol” mantra

September 20, 2017   0 Comments

Going out for a “drink with the boys” is no longer cool for American teens, neither is driving around town accompanied by dates. Instead, they are giving themselves time to grow up and consciously delaying activities which are considered typically “adult.” These are some of the findings of a new study published in the journal
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Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network Day: Mothers who sexually abuse their sons

September 20, 2017   0 Comments

“She had this big bedroom and if we were ever sick or anything like that we’d stay in her bed. One day she just initiated it, she just started touching me and it just went from there. She preyed on the fact I was coming into puberty and made me feel important and special.” These
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